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Selasa, 12 Julai 2011


1) Pretend you are part of the orchard is large with many trees around. How do you feel being cut?-If I am part of a large garden with many trees around, I feel very sad if I cut. At first I felt very lucky because I provide protection to humans and animals as a shelter from the rain as the sun. I feel very sad. Although I can not speak, that does not mean I can not feel what is needed by humans and animals that are around me. I wonder, do they also feel what I feel? I am very disappointed because they did not feel what I feel. Pain, pain, misery and sorrow that I bear for their selfish and not think what would happen if the occurrence of widespread deforestation.

2) What will happen to all the animals that need protection from you?Effects on animals that need protection from me is a natural habitat for many animals and organisms will be affected and the occurrence of extinction as a result of homelessness. That's why, when there is a lot of deforestation, many animals that live in the jungle no shelter. Those who succeed through the flat lands and residential sites and then killed by humans.Through the years, it is estimated that there are millions of plant and animal species have become extinct because they have eliminated the homeless. Therefore, significantly reduced biodiversity as deforestation violent practices by some.The wildlife advocates have always warned that the number of wild animals living in the world could still be saved if deforested forests would only reforested and the practice of burning the forest and will be abandoned altogether.

3) What will happen to the environment after you cut?
-Environment will be affected by changes in temperature in the vicinity. Natural forest cool because it helps retain moisture in the air.
-The second is a long process of global climate change. As mentioned above, deforestation has been found to contribute to global warming or that process when climates around the world getting warmer more harmful rays of the sun coming through the atmosphere.
-The ozone layer is the mass of oxygen or O3 atoms that serves as a shield in the atmosphere to ultraviolet rays from the sun's dangerous. Because ozone is made up of atoms of oxygen, oxygen reacts with carbon monoxide. Reactions such will use oxygen atom.
-It follows that when there are more atoms of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, the amount of oxygen is diminished. Such is the case of ozone depletion.
Third to the environmental effects will be above the water table below ground. Water levels are common sources of natural drinking water by people living around forests.
Water re-add table. This means that the groundwater supply can also be dry if not replenished regularly. When there is rain, forests hold much of the rainfall into the soil through their roots.

-The water sinks deeper into the ground, and ultimately help increase the supply of water in the water table. Now, imagine what happens when there is no longer enough forest. Water from rain alone will flow through the ground and not be retained by the soil.
-Or, the water from the rain will not stay on the ground, to the process of evaporation would immediately. Therefore, the water level is not replenished, leading to drying of wells.

4) What changes will take place in the environment after you cut?

The changes will take place in the environment after the cut are: -

Soil Erosion: When cleared forest areas, it causes the soil exposed to the sun, making it very dry and eventually, infertile, because of volatile nutrients such as nitrogen is lost. In addition, in the event of rain, it washed the other nutrients, which flows into the flow of rain water. Therefore, simply replanting trees can not help to solve the problems caused by deforestation, for a mature trees, the soil will not really have the essential nutrients. Finally, the planting of the earth will become impossible, resulting in a wasted land. Large tracts of land will be remain poor because of soil erosion.

Water Cycle Disorders: Trees contribute in a big way in maintaining the water cycle. They make the water through their roots, which are then released into the atmosphere. The bulk of the water circulating in the rain forest ecosystems, for example, remains in the plant. When trees are cut down cause dry climate in the area.

Biodiversity loss: a unique variety of geography, biodiversity is being lost on a scale quite unprecedented. Although tropical rain forests is only 6 percent of the Earth's surface, about 80-90 percent of the worldwide species exist here. Because of deforestation on a large scale, about 50 to 100 species are lost every day. Results of the extinction of animals and plants on a large scale.

Flood and Drought: One of the important functions of forests is to absorb and store large amounts of water quickly when there is rain. When forests are cut down, this is regulation of water flow is disrupted, leading to alternating periods of flooding and drought in affected areas.

Climate Change: It is well known that global warming is largely caused by emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, what is not known a bit and is that deforestation has associations with the production of the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Trees act as the main storage depot for carbon, because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is then used to produce carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that form a tree. When deforestation occurs, many trees they burned or allowed to decay, resulting in release of carbon stored in them as carbon dioxide. This, in turn leading to greater concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

5) The message you want to give to people cutting down trees.
A message that I will give to those who chop down trees is to stop destroying the forest, so precious to us. Forest is a blessing to the earth endowed with natural resources differently. Extensive deforestation means an increase in pollution, global warming, natural disasters such as floods and droughts. Moreover, they should stop for cutting of tropical forests. Because certain species of rebirth that will help about the flora and fauna. There are certain measures be taken to preserve the natural beauty of the whole
People must be provided with specific knowledge about the ecosystem of the earth so that people know the importance of trees and stop cutting trees illegally. It should be special programs for children can teach their elders how important trees to the existence of the earths. Children must be taught the importance of trees because children today are tomorrow's future. Education should not however stop among school children in the age, but must be continued to the top level, the parents should be taught preventive measures deforestation. However, education has become the easiest way to transfer messages. Saving the forest is the duty of the people around the world. Measures to be taken by people to save and preserve the forest.
To save the forests, eco-tourism should be encouraged so that people feel that the forest is important in attracting tourists to their country.
6) What do you think the use of technology to reduce and minimize the problem?

I think the use of technology to reduce and minimize problems that could increase deforestation solution. For example, recycling benefits the environment. By recycling, we could save the cost of living and take care of our environment. As mentioned earlier, recycling a single ton of paper can save nearly 17 trees from cuttings. Deforestation is a major cause of concern globally. In addition, issues such as soil erosion, acid rain, global warming, and others directly or indirectly connected to. So, you recycle, the more you contribute in making the earth greener.
After that, we can also save energy. Did you know that by recycling one glass bottle, we can save enough energy to light a bulb for 4 hours! Production of materials to use more energy than recycling the same materials. For example, cutting trees to make new paper will take more time and energy than recycling paper. Same case with the steel to take a lot of energy in manufacturing than recycling.After, the productivity of land cleared of rain forest can be obtained using better technology to produce higher crop yields.
- Taking advantage of better germplasm developed through a careful selection can produce grass and plants that will grow on degraded forest land. While technology can speed up development and reduce the suffering of the tropical rain forest, it will be one key to save them.
7) In your opinion, this blog will stimulate environmental awareness among the public. Elaborate.
In my opinion, this blog will stimulate environmental awareness among the public: -
   Blogger blogs can arrange a meeting to discuss the problem that bloggers have a strong influence. For example, discuss the problem of deforestation.
   -Blogs as a medium of advertising.
   -Blogs are also a bit of awareness to society of environmental damage.
   -Through the blog, we can organize a campaign to save the forests we have to give a message to the community. Not only that, but parties can be aware of our proposals as a guide to reduce deforestation and protect the surrounding environment is also living in the forest habitat.


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